Sunday, June 14, 2009

Thrifty Treasures

This Saturday Keyport had it's annual town wide garage sale. The weather was perfect, the prices were fair, and there was some great stuff out. I picked up a bunch of things. Here are some highlights.

A pair of old painted oars.

A complete set of canisters with perfect chicken decals.

An old green painted chair with fruit decals.

A serious stash of old bottles!!!!

An old pharmacist bottle (my fav).

I got lots more but the first episode of Roseanne is on and I've never seen it before. Different kid playing DJ, weird!


  1. Everything is fabulous. i am an old bottle nut. And the Pharmacy bottle is my fav too. Roseanne? What? Milkglass in your header?

  2. Great finds! I especially like the old bottles.

  3. Great the canisters, green chairs and old bottles. Someone else got a big stash of bottles too.

  4. I hate to be rude, but I think I might have stolen those rooster canisters out of your hands if I had been there! I love roosters! Very cool pharmacy bottle, and that green chair is sooo sweet!

  5. That is a serious stash of bottles! Those canisters are so cute!


  6. You did great!

    I love your milk glass in your blog header- I collect it too.

    Enjoyed visiting,


  7. looooooove the oars, perfectly chippy! And that chair is cute!!
    I remember seeing that episode of Roseanne a couple of years ago on reruns, it IS weird seeing a different DJ!

  8. Love those oars...see them in my middle son's room holding draperies that I need to make/buy...he's 21, surely he'd let me....and the pharmacy bottle is gorg....I'd forgotten a different kid played DJ first.

  9. Thanks for stopping by! The milk glass lamp belonged to my Grandma. I tried plugging it into a timer a few weeks ago and it shorted out. In the process of rewiring (thanks Dad) we realized it had a three way switch and the base acts a night light. It looks really pretty all lit up and I didn't burn the house down.