Sunday, June 21, 2009

Thrifty Treasures (kind of a slow weekend)

It rained the entire weekend so most of the garage sales we went to were canceled. Weak! A new antique shop opened in town last week and it too was kind of a bust. The owner told Lina and I a bit too much about her personal life, but she had a really cool parrot. I found this stoneware jug though. I don't think it's that old, but it's pretty nice. Got to do a little more research.
Head over to Southern Hospitality to check out some more finds. Hopefully they fared better than me this weekend.


  1. I do like your jug. I hate the rain chased away more bargains!

  2. How old is old enough for you? The jug wasn't born yesterday! Cool parrot...bad shop keeper...yikes!

  3. Funny story about the shopkeepper and you came away with a great jug!

    Have a great week!


  4. Sorry it was a bust! There's always next weekend.

  5. I like your jug - my grandpa collects those and every once in a while my grandma will slip me one