Monday, June 8, 2009

Monday Food Hangover!!

Friday was my 29th birthday and I had two amazing (ridiculous) meals this weekend. On Friday night, my parents took the family to Pete and Elda's.

This place is a Jersey Shore landmark, that is known for it's amazing thin crust pizza.

Best part about the place is the free t-shirt you receive if you are able to eat a double xl pie solo. That poor thing didn't stand a chance.

Even though I'm pretty sure my heart stopped a few times during my encounter at Pete and Elda's, on Saturday I had an insane lunch. Harold's Deli is under a Holiday Inn in what is probably one of the weirdest, lamest towns(??) in New Jersey, Raritan Center. Raritan Center consists of the Garden State Expo Center and a half dozen hotels scattered about to accommodate the people taking place in an expo at said center. That is it.

Even though the setting isn't ideal, Harold's is amazing!! The sandwiches are comically huge and the cakes are the size of garbage cans.

The menu boasts that Harold's has the World's best pastrami and cheesecake. I'm not sure who's judging, but they probably had something to do with the neon over the pickle bar, which while awesome, is sort of small.
PS. The pickle bar has extra bread and obviously pickles (free of charge), that when combined with the leftover meat, provide about a weeks worth of lunches.

Harold's is a great place to bring a bunch of hungry friends. It's super fun and casual and the huge plates lend themselves to taking goofy photos of each other.

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