Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Dionne Quintuplets

Before John and Kate's TV freakshow there were the Dionnes. The Dionne quints were the first known quintuplets to survive childbirth and immediately went on public display. The quintuplets were born in 1934 to parents that would be the French-Canadian equivalent of good ol' hillbillies. The Canadian government deemed the parents unsuitable (they were poor and already had five kids) and raised the children in a nursery/zoo until they were nine years old, at which point their parents regained custody. There was a ton of Dionne quintuplets merchandise produced from expensive dolls to generic advertising pieces.

I picked up this photo today; which was most likely originally part of a promotional business calendar in the late 1930's, at the annual antique flea market in Ocean Grove, NJ. It was a an amazing day and there was lots of great stuff for sale (most of the vendors were dealers, so there weren't that many bargains around) and along with the quints photo, I found some antique postcards and a tramp art frame.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Feed Sack Bulletin Board

Southern Hospitality is hosting a burlap creations party and I wanted to share what is the only craft I've done in my life thus far.
I had a feed sack and a frame lying around and was inspired by Olive Rue to make a bulletin board. My families secret Santa this year has to be homemade and I thought this would be good practice.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I love this old sign. It's double sided and hand painted. I found it at an auction in Point Pleasant, NJ and like to think it spent it's functional years on an ice cream parlor, but it probably just showed the way to a bathroom.

New business cards

My buddy Gary at Fogelson-Lubliner designed and printed some great cards for us. The cards also double as merchandise tags. He's so clever! Fogelson-Lubliner might sound like a German industrial band but they are an insanely talented design crew. They do a bunch of cool stuff and more importantly are great guys.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Greetings from Buttzville, New Jersey

Took a ride waaaaayyy north to Buttzville (real name) to pay a visit to one of my favorite places, Hot Dog Johnny's or Johnny, depending on your politics. Great food, amazing neon. Like a beacon in the night.

Lina, my wife, was pretty excited, and with good reason. Hot dogs with pickles, perfect fries, frosty mug birch beer, and don't forget, fresh buttermilk. Buttermilk is probably the last thing you'd consider to wash down all this greasy food, but it works, with a birch beer chaser.

Hi there!

Welcome to the Shore Antique Center. 413 Allen Ave, Allenhurst, NJ. Open 7 days a week, 11am-5pm.

Our little booth Free Range Furnishings is in the back of the store. We specialize in American housewares and primitives. Here are a few pics of some displays in the store. Hoosier style, North Carolina cab with some cool, old stuff scattered about.  

Cute iron patio furniture flanked by early 20th century plantation chair (beautiful herringbone caning).