Thursday, July 9, 2009

Hooked on Aeromarine Planes!!

Aeromarine was a short lived seaplane manufacturer based out of our town, Keyport, NJ. Part of the factory still stands a few blocks from my house and has left it's mark on the town more ways than one. Along with a water tower and a couple of offices Aeromarine left behind a few acres of completely contaminated land. Toxic disasters aside, the planes are some of the coolest looking things I've ever seen. The company manufactured the planes from 1921-1924 and had routes across the US, Cuba, and the Bamahas. Here are some images via the Keyport Historical Society.

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  1. What an unusual plane. I wonder if there are any of them in existence?

  2. Very cool plane..very bad left behind result for such a short lived factory.

  3. I am fascinated by flying boats. Raiders of the Lost Ark gave them a popular boost.